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    How to install a double din audio system in a NM-NP Mitsubishi Pajero - Guide.

    When the NM Pajero (Montero/Shogun) first came out to the market at 2001, the exclusive models were equipped with a CD changer a nice radio system.
    I recently noticed it had been over 13 years since my Pajero first were on a road and it is probably a nice thing to have a decent audio system with a reverse camera and build it navigation system.

    The original setup makes sense, the audio system on top, then the A/C controls and the changer is somewhere down,... read more
    saar Yesterday, 01:03 PM

    How to replace a dashboard bulb - Pajero /Montero/Shogun NM 2001-2006

    In this guide, we will see how to replace a dashboard bulb in a Mitsubishi Pajero NM 2001 (same as Montero/Shogun).

    Actually, it is pretty easy task, it takes about 10-15 minutes and all you will need is a Philips screw driver.

    Let's start...... read more
    saar 07-20-2014, 07:28 AM
  • How To Change Thermostat on Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0

    Replacing the thermostat is a simple process which should be done every 2-3 years at least.
    If your XJ is overheats, that would be the first place to look for problems.
    The replacing process should be done as follows:
    1. Wait for your Jeep to cool - you do not want hot coolant on your hands...
    2. Disconnect the heat unit
    3. Disconnect the 2 pipes which are connected to the thermostat housing
    4. Remove the 2 screws on that housing (should be 1/2" socket)
    5. Remove the thermostat and clean it area of old gasket/RTV/rust any other material which is there
    6. Install new thermostat (pay attention to its direction)
    7. Install new gasket, I would put a thin layer of RTV as well.
    8. Screw the thermostat housing back in place.
    9. Connect the coolant pipes and heat unit.
    10. Add coolant and let the engine for for few minutes, verify it is not overheating,
    make sure the new thermostat is opened when it should (the pipes should be hot and full with coolant, so when you'll squeeze them, you will feel the coolant inside)

    All of that should take ~30 minutes.

    We found a nice video on youtube which show the process in details: